Critical Spatial Practice

critical spatial practice, eco-feminism, non-human species, material culture, queer death study

intersectional feminism, public space, spatial occupation, activism

extractivism, factual Fiction, images, interdependency, non-human

Domesticity, labour, reflections, digitalisation, equity

colonial legacies, decolonisation, empire, ethics, performativity, Singapore

restoration, earth, displacement, community, exploration, collaboration

Sara Alissa, Nojoud Alsudairi

deep listening, sonic compositions, assemblages, pedagogical tools, collectivity, prototype.

Julia Udall, Jonathan Orlek, Alex De Little

Remedy, healing, climate, empathy, herbal, care

Montserrat Gutiérrez Mesegué

gender urbanism, feminist urban planning, city of care, intersectional feminist city

Florencia Andreola & Azzurra Muzzonigro

Map, Animal, Architecture, Nature Contract, Modernity

Memory, future, entanglement, contingency, justice, touch

Brigid McLeer

architecture, communities, engagement

Jan Kattein Architects (Dr Jan Kattein, Gareth Marriott, Chandni Patel)

Minority, Inoperativity, Decoloniality, Ethics, Urban Project, Theory

Relationality, co-existence, counter-measure, border, architecture

GRAB (Professors Andrew Benjamin and Gerard Reinmuth)

Collaboration, Time & Temporality, 1960s architecture, Messy everyday processes, Transdisciplinarity, Spillover effects, Ordinary affects

performance, culture, ecology, archives, healing, poetic bio-politics

Zoë Quick and Kirsten McIver

soundwalk, migration, domestic work, memory, home

Ella Parry-Davies and Ann

temporary autonomous zones, embodied practice, witness, borderlands, ecology, healing

Collaboration, Labour, Land, Finance, Movement, Value

film, cybiog, self-portrait, interface, topology, diffraction

Civic, Urban, Pedagogy, Engagement, Architecture, Education

Work, precarity, performance, territory, community, speculation

Environmental History, Extractivism, Activist-academic research, International Solidarity

Weird, Weird-tender, Participation, Decolonial, Zambia

Audio walk, place-listening, performance, performativity, urban planning

Cecilie Sachs Olsen
Cecilie Sachs Olsen / zURBS (

Critical Area Studies, Moscow, Russia, Ecology, Political Aesthetics, Ethnographic Conceptualism

Critical spatial practice, Art, More-than-human, Collaboration, Ecology

Collaborative writing, knowledge production, experimental workshop

Participation, Encounters, Antagonism, Displacements, Narratives, Iraq

Rafael Guendelman Hales

Lexicon, feminist practices, architecture, art, utopia, speculation

Art, Activism, Economics, Imagination, Gleaning, Salvage

public art, space-making, adaptive reuse, train travel, railway architecture, Deutsche Bahn, #gesternstellwerk

Natalia Irina Roman, Tick Tack, Berlin (2019). Photographer: Natalia Irina Roman
Natalia Irina Roman

Situated, responsive, relational, aural, material, experimental

mythological landscape, ritual, land-art, painting, traces, transformation

Michael Hirschbichler

Inequality. Food offering. Apparatus, Surveillance. Working condition. Authenticity.

feminist practices, installation, architecture, n-1, subtraction, method

Mona Mahall and Asli Serbest

Withdrawal of labour, self-organisation, art workers, art strikes, occupations, new institutionalism.

Direct urbanism, Socially engaged urban planning, Production of desire, Anticipatory fiction

transparadiso (Barbara Holub/Paul Rajakovics)

care practices, rituals of care, paranoid constructions and reparative acts, welfare state, the common, common rooms

Action Archive (Meike Schalk, Sara Brolund de Carvalho, Helena Mattsson + Beatrice Stude)

Feminist, Politics, Borders, Immigration, Detention, Shelters

Design interventions, urban, names, storytelling, criticality, place

Liberia, Extraction, Settler-colonialism, Utopia, Ruin, Modernity

Killian Doherty (in collaboration with Edward Lawrenson)

Activism, City, Common, Place, Here, Now

Critical play, Participation, Migration, Social integration, Bread-making, Public space

Catalina Pollak Williamson / Public Interventions

Seduction, Art, Psychoanalysis, Photography, Screen, Site-writing

Performance design, installations, exhibitions, intermediality, spatial justice

Dorita Hannah (with Sean Coyle)

Memory, Trauma, Boundary, Greenham Common, Subject formation, Peace movement/s

Gut thinking, minute perception, food performances, performativity, ethico-aesthetics

The city, urban landscapes, feminism, urban scenographies, illumination, the night

Intimacy, care, disruption, inclusion, not-knowing

Slow Research Lab

real estate, financialization, property, gated communities, regeneration, gentrification.

Text, Site, Method, Topography, Landscape, Movement

Performing interiors, sitting in, feminist practices, unfolding time

direct urbanism, silent activism, transparadiso, urban matters, performance, production of desire, anticipatory fiction

Barbara Holub (realized with Marie Christine Rissinger, Elisabeth Stephan & Julian Verocai)

Feminist, politics, reproductive healthcare, public space, architecture

Lori A. Brown and ArchiteXX Design Action

Interior design, installation, colour, light, design strategy, temporary

Design Team (Jordan Evans, Evan Jerry, Ryla (Jakelski) Gutbier, and Lois Weinthal)

action-research, participative, cross-cultural, reflexive, practice-led, intersectional, visual-based

Domesticity, gender, affect, Singapore, public housing, film

Lilian Chee

memorial, translation, personal as political, photography, not-yet, mourning

Tijana Stevanović (with contributions from Jan van Duppen; includes work of late Miodrag Stevanović)

Grounding, Collecting, Touring, Intention to notice

Game, regeneration, oral history, Brixton, memory

Lina Bo Bardi, Gio Ponti, Humanism, Design, Architecture, curating.

Ana Araujo (in the collaboration with Catalina Mejia Moreno)

Tour, mobilise, guide, participation, cues, poetics

Site specific performance, Critical spatial practice, Social housing, Class

Food, exchange, market, table, economy, programme

The Decorators + Atelier Chan Chan

Art project, community, participation, urban regeneration, critical practice, performative action

Apolonija Šušteršič

Art, Architecture, Critical Spatial Practices, Socially Engaged Art

Sarah Breen Lovett (with WeiZen Ho, Alan Schacher, Honi Ryan, Ben Denham, Monika Books & Clare Cooper)

Critical Bordering Practice, Surveillance, Displacement, Sound, Administration, Narrative

Art, Architecture, Critical Spatial Practices, Socially Engaged Art

Sarah Breen Lovett (with co-curators Claudia Perren, Lee Stickells & Yvette Hamilton)

Topographical practices, Mapping, Performativity, Place, Situated knowledge

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