Critical Spatial Practice

Situated, Responsive, Relational, Aural, Material, Experimental

Direct urbanism, Socially engaged urban planning, Production of desire, Anticipatory fiction

Feminist, Politics, Borders, Immigration, Detention, Shelters

Civic, Urban, Pedagogy, Engagement, Architecture, Education

Weird, Weird-tender, Participation, Decolonial, Zambia

Audio walk, Place-listening, Performance, Performativity, Urban planning

Critical spatial practice, Art, More-than-human, Collaboration, Ecology

Participation, Encounters, Antagonism, Displacements, Narratives, Iraq

Design interventions, Urban, Names, Storytelling, Criticality, Place

Liberia, Extraction, Settler-colonialism, Utopia, Ruin, Modernity

Critical play, Participation, Migration, Social integration, Bread-making, Public space

Seduction, Art, Psychoanalysis, Photography, Screen, Site-writing

Activism, City, Common, Place, Here, Now

Memory, Trauma, Boundary, Greenham Common, Subject formation, Peace movement/s

Gut thinking, Minute perception, Food performances, Performativity, Ethico-aesthetics

Text, Site, Method, Topography, Landscape, Movement

Direct urbanism, Silent activism, Transparadiso, Urban matters

Performance, Production of desire, Anticipatory fiction

Feminist, Politics, Reproductive Healthcare, Public space, Architecture

Game, Regeneration, Oral history, Brixton, Memory

Lina Bo Bardi, Gio Ponti, Humanism, Design, Architecture, Curating.

Tour, Mobilise, Guide, Participation, Cues, Poetics

Site specific performance, Critical spatial practice, Social housing, Class

Food, Exchange, Market, Table, Cconomy, Programme

Art, Architecture Critical Spatial Practices ,Socially Engaged Art

Critical Bordering Practice, Surveillance, Displacement, Sound, Administration, Narrative

Topographical practices, Mapping, Performativity, Place, Situated knowledge

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