Critical Spatial Practice

  • Sean Cham
  • “Histories and theories of architecture are embedded in the histories of constructs, oppressions, suppressions, and subjugations.” — Samia Henni, “Colonial Ramifications,” e-flux Architecture, 2018

  • Julia Udall, Jonathan Orlek, Alex De Little
  • We are interested in how listening can be a tool, or a strategy that makes things happen or leads to (political) action. How can listening be understood as a practice that might activate a space and a time which is not purely theoretical, experiential or perceptual, but intrinsically social and political for the reason that it sustains an “other-doing”?
    Lucia Farinati and Claudia Firth, The Force of Listening (Berlin: Errant Bodies, 2017), 20.

  • Laura Yuile
  • Access the properties and views you can’t afford and see the city from inside its most exclusive spaces!

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