Critical Spatial Practice

  • Camillo Boano
  • ‘It is not a question of thinking a better or more authentic form of life, a superior principle, or an elsewhere that suddenly arrives at forms of life and factical vocations to revoke them and render them inoperative. Inoperativity is not another work that suddenly arrives and works to deactivate and depose them: it coincides completely and constitutively with their destitution, with living a life.’ G. Agamben, The Use of Bodies, (2016), p. 277.

  • Ignacio Rivas
  • I understand my practice as a process of collaboration and exchange that questions ideas of control and authorship. In this project I reflect on the impositions of neoliberal ideologies and how they have impacted, spatially and symbolically, over collective modes of organization in multiple territories.

  • Dorita Hannah (with Sean Coyle)
  • In ancient myth, Icarus seeks escape from island incarceration in wings fashioned from wax and feathers, only to be brought down by the scorching sun and perish in the sea. Island Icarus (2016–2019) is an iterative project provoked by the more recent story of a young refugee, ‘in flight’ from persecution, also imprisoned on an island, who tragically set his body ablaze.

  • Caroline Alexander, Cynthia Hammond, Shauna Janssen
  • What kinds of scenographies of desire emerge when we work through a feminist lens, vis à vis embodied encounters with the built environment at night? With our collective Feminist City Light Capers we embrace darkness creatively alongside a complex series of relations between our gender, the contingency of the night, and risk.

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