Critical Spatial Practice

  • Montserrat Gutiérrez Mesegué
  • ‘Now every lemon is infused with the love of my mother. But the lemons do not belong to me, and it brings me great joy knowing that everyone who cuts into a lemon and enjoys its sweet gift is feeling the love of my mother at no expense of her own.’

  • GRAB (Professors Andrew Benjamin and Gerard Reinmuth)
  • These notes arise from concerns around the potential for architecture to counter or redirect the spatial, financial or ecological conditions present at the time of its conception. These concerns manifest in a question – can one deploy mapping projects, the conceptualization of spatial arrangements and/or architectural interventions as counter measures to the dominance of pre-existing organizational logics?

  • Gilly Karjevsky
  • ‘We clamor for the right to opacity for everyone!’ – This Eduard Glissant quote from the Poetics of Relation ([1990] 1997) is at the heart of the silent conversation lexicon process, as it ‘clamors’ for terminology that is collective, fluid, contaminated and open-ended.

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